A new publication to inspire fashion knitters.

How we dress is a wonderful way to express ourselves and our new magazine KNITmix will inspire people to create magical knits.

We aim to launch in May to begin the new Spring and Summer seasons and are looking for additional creative content you would like to share with our knitting communities.

If you are looking to promote your business please email our team at editor@knitmix.co.uk with any editorial content you would like to be published for free, including any free designs you would like to promote.

Our mission is to create interest in knitting for the younger generation of knitters who are fashion conscious and are looking for creative fashion projects.

We’re very excited about this new publication and trust we can build relationships with knitwear designers to contribute to making KNITmix a success.

KNITmix is a publication of Hanndi Limited a company registered in England No 7638747.